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Alternative Treatment for Parasites in Chickens

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The most common parasitic irritants to chickens are mites and lice, although chickens can also attract fleas. There are several chemicals that you can buy from your Poultry Supplier to combat these nasties but a great non toxic alternative is Diatomaceous Earth  which not only gets rid of mites, lice and fleas but also gets rid of internal parasites as well.

Diatomaceous Earth  is made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms. It is an excellent treatment for any mites, ticks, lice or fleas and can help with internal parasites. Simply shake the powder around the coop and put some in the chickens water as well.

Diatomaceous Earth  is totally harmless when ingested. The only down side is that you must not breath it in when you are spreading it around as it can set hard in your lungs. Put a dust face mask over your mouth and nose. Do not get it in your eyes or on your skin as it can be quite abrasive.

Diatomaceous earth is a world-class wormer and insecticide, approved for use by the US Department of Agriculture and is a product that I would recommend for keeping your hens pest and worm free without using harmful chemicals.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb


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  1. we have a couple of chickens with a white substance around their combs eyes and waddle it looks like a fungus What is the treatment and can it spread throughout the flock does it have any affect on the eggs or egg production

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