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Why do my Chickens Eggs Taste Funny

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Question . I have been raising chickens for 10 years and just this past year my eggs taste funny. Not all of them, but maybe one out of 6 or so eggs will taste bad, even if they are just laid. The yoke, not the white, has an awful taste and smell. I have not changed anything I have been doing. Any suggestions?

 Answer It sounds like your chickens have access to food that is making them lay bad tasting eggs. Have you been feeding them onions, garlic, fish meal or fish oil in the scraps that you feed them. It sounds like they are randomly eating something like this and that is why not all your eggs have this taste. Some fruit peelings can also have an effect on egg taste.

Try eliminating the above and have a close look at what they are actually eating. It could also be what foods you are storing them next to in the refrigerator as the eggs will absorb odors from other foods they are stored with.


One Comment

  1. Is it okay to feed chickens sour sobs? I have heard that it isn’t

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